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NJ Driving School Frequently Asked Questions


Can I drop off the enrollment documents in person?

Yes! Or we can arrange to pick them up from you if that is more convenient.

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Will students be with the same instructor for all of their driving lessons?

Yes! One instructor will be assigned to each student.

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How much does the NJMVC charge for a NJ Learner’s Permit?

Student learner’s permits cost $10. We will submit the package along with your check for $10 made out to NJMVC.

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Can I practice with my teen before the six hours of driving lessons are complete?

No, not legally until the six hours are complete and your teen has their student learner’s permit in hand.

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Can driving lessons be scheduled for evenings and weekends?

Yes! We are very flexible when it comes to scheduling lesson times that work for you.

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How long are the driving lessons?

We usually schedule the six hour and twelve hour driving lessons in two hour blocks. We are happy to work with you to meet any unique scheduling needs.

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Does the NJMVC require a vision screening?

Yes!  It is more of a simple screening to ensure minimum vision standards are met.

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Are copies of required documents (birth certificate, passport, etc.) accepted?

No. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission accepts original documents only.

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Can my child take the knowledge test before taking the classroom driver course?

Yes! We can arrange for your child to take the knowledge test.

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Do I have to wait until my child has turned 16 to enroll?

No! In fact, certain times of the year can get very busy for driving schools. Enroll today to secure your preferred dates for driving lessons.

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