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Sample New Jersey Written Test

All prospective drivers must pass a written knowledge test on NJ traffic laws, rules and regulations by scoring at least an 80% on a 50-question test. The test is administered by a computer and the results are available immediately. Test your knowledge with this sample NJ written test and when you’re done, try the practice knowledge test on the NJMVC website.
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1. When must you signal for a turn?

a) 100 feet

b) 20 feet

c) 6 inches

d) 1 foot

2. How close may you park to a stop sign?

a) 100 feet

b) 6 feet

c) 50 feet

d) 20 feet

3. How close may you park to a fire hydrant?

a) 10 feet

b) 5 feet

c) 25 feet

d) 6 feet

4. What are the penalties for driving without insurance?

a) Suspension of parking privileges

b) $500 fine and imprisonment

c) One year in jail and fines

d) Suspension of license and registration privilege and fines

5. What is the penalty for driving with a suspended license (first offense)?

a) $500 fine and up to 6-month additional suspension

b) $100 fine and up to 7-month additional suspension

c) $1000 fine and up to 1-month additional suspension

d) $200 fine and up to 1-year additional suspension

6. What should you do at a flashing yellow light?

a) Accelerate

b) Slow down proceed with caution

c) Apply the brakes

d) Stop

7. What should you do at a flashing red light?

a) Slow down and proceed with caution

b) Accelerate

c) Stop before proceeding

d) Apply the brakes

8. What documents must you have when operating a motor vehicle?

a) High School Diploma

b) License to drive

c) License, registration, insurance card

d) Passport or Birth certificate

9. What does a yellow diamond shape sign mean?

a) Warning or caution

b) Speed up

c) Turn up the radio

d) Slow ahead

10. What is the minimum following distance?

a) 1 second

b) 12 seconds

c) 2 seconds

d) 3 seconds

11. Which direction should you first look when at a stop sign?

a) Straight

b) Right

c) All of the above

d) Left

12. What does a red and white triangular sign mean?

a) Yield

b) Slow down

c) Stop

d) No Turn On Red

13. What should you do after driving through a big puddle of water?

a) Accelerate

b) Swerve

c) Test your brakes

d) Stop to look at your brakes

14. What does a red, eight-sided sign mean?

a) Stop

b) Yield

c) Slow down

d) Turn ahead

15. What is the best way to communicate with other drivers?

a) Hand signals

b)Correct use of lights, signals, and horn

c) Beep horn

d) Flashing lights

16. When is the road surface most slippery?

a) During the first few minutes of the rain

b) The day after it rains

c) Going up hills

d) All of the above

17. When should you use your high beams?

a) Always

b) Anytime as long as you can see

c) Country roads with no oncoming vehicles

d) In the rain

18. What should you do if you have a tire blowout?

a) Slow down gradually and move to side of the road

b) Accelerate

c) Brake immediately

d) Call the police

19. What is the standard speed limit in a residential area?

a) 25 MPH

b) 35 MPH

c) 45 MPH

d) 20 MPH

20. How should you turn your wheels when parking downhill next to a curb?

a) To the right

b) To the left

c) Straight ahead

d) Not at all

21. It is good practice to keep a space cushion in order to:

a) Give others time to react

b) So that you may see ahead

c) Give you time to react

d) So you do not tailgate

22. You are required by New Jersey law to keep right except:

a) When passing or when it is not practical to stay on that side

b) If you don’t want to

c) If the right lane is stopped

d) All of the above

23. What is a form of primary identification for use at NJMVC?

a) Original Birth Certificate

b) Original Passport

c) Permanent Resident Card

d) All of the above

24. When is it legal to make a right turn on red?

a) After making a full stop and checking traffic

b) After doing a rolling stop

c) After stopping at the green light

d) When no one is there

25. The maximum legal BAC level for persons over 21 is?

a) 1.0

b) .10

c) .08

d) .07

Written Test Answer Key

a  2. c  3. a  4. d  5. a  6. b  7. c  8. c  9. a  10. c  11. d  12. a  13. c  14. a  15. b  16. a  17. c  18. a  19. a  20. a  21. c  22. a  23. d  24. a  25. c


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